Clark Solutions Boxer 9K/9QQ peristaltic pumps are available with 12 or 24VDC motor and gear box options, plus a 24VDC stepper motor version with a NEMA 17 rating. Series 15KS/15QQ pumps offer a clip-on pump head and clamshell design to facilitate tube changes; they are available with a variety of DC motor options and a 24VDC stepper motor (NEMA 23) option. Depending on the tube size and motor, Series 9K/9QQ pumps deliver flow rates up to 200 ml/min., while Series 15KS/15QQ models have flow rates up to 900 ml/min. All the peristaltic pumps are rated for continuous operation and are available with 3-, 4- or 6-roller systems.

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