Coffee, tea, or hot soup on the go? A new packaging innovation promises exactly that. 

The HeatGenie simply and quickly heats beverages with a twist of the lid through a solid-state thermal reaction. The consumer simply twists the lid, and in less than two minutes, the liquid inside is heated up and ready to go.

Mark Turner, CEO of Heat Genie, recently took some time to talk with Food Engineering Magazine about the product how the product works, whether or not there are safety concerns and what the ideal applications are.

Food Engineering Magazine: What is HeatGenie, and how does it work?

Turner: HeatGenie’s safe, patented technology allows CPG brands the ability to offer ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages that heat themselves in 2 minutes, in single-serving, one-use cans.

While there has been tremendous innovation in the beverage area, there has been little to no innovation in the beverage packaging category. HeatGenie will change how we drink and empower beverage innovators to deliver greater convenience and choice into the hands of consumers.  

What material does the can have to be? Does it have to be aluminum or are there other options?

Turner: Initially, go-to-market products warmed by HeatGenie will be in two-piece aluminum cans.  We are seeing significant enthusiasm from beverage producers who have been waiting for a heated can solution that meets consumer needs for safety, functionality and sensitivity to the environment. Internationally, consumers have been enjoying the convenience of heated beverages in cans for some time. We are looking forward to seeing US consumers enjoy the same convenience.

What are some ideal applications for this product?

Turner: Coffee, tea, hot cocoa are the most obvious but warm food and drink from soups and bone broths to sake are perfect candidates to be warmed by HeatGenie.

Are there any safety concerns related to the product, since it involves heat?

Turner: HeatGenie's technology is different from what manufacturers may have seen in the past. We developed and patented the technology that will allow CPG brands to offer safe ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages that heat themselves in 2 minutes, in single-serving, one-use cans. The efficient heater integrates into standard beverage cans and allows consumers to enjoy their beverage "hot when they want it" with the twist of the lid.

How does it affect the price of the packaging and the environmental impact of the packaging?

Turner: While beverages warmed by HeatGenie may be more expensive than those without, we will scale production for large-scale manufacturing, which will help brands plan efficiently. HeatGenie is environmentally safe and recyclable, both before and after activation. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Turner: We are quite pleased to welcome Walter Robb to our Board of Directors while also welcoming new Advisory Board members Danny Stepper, Brian Goldberg, Jason Buechel and James Tonkin.  These individuals represent the driving forces behind many of today's most notable new food and beverage brands. The knowledge base, talents and connections of these new HeatGenie advisors provide incomparable access, reach and influence throughout the beverage industry.

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