A new packaging solution for Kingsford branded precooked ribs has extended the product's shelf life to more than four months.

CBQ, a subsidiary of Carl Buddig & Company, is using Advanta aluminium tray packaging for its Kingsford brand. The 15-, 17-, and 19-inch smoothwall, aluminium trays were developed specifically for the Kingsford brand.

The ribs were previously packaged in a plastic bag, which was messy for consumers to handle and did not provide an extended shelf life. In conjunction with Repary, the packer process for the product, Advanta developed the new trays with an eye on extending the shelf life of the product. In conjunction with slow cooking methods and vacuum sealing, the precooked ribs have a shelf life of 145 days.

"What we have created is the first of its kind to market," says Miguel Campos, export sales manager at Advanta. "Since its release, other manufacturers have seen what we have produced and want the same shelf life potential for their own ready meals — which we are more than happy to get involved with."

The packaging is more expensive than the plastic bag packaging, but consumer feedback has been positive and Kingsford projects an increase of 40 percent in its sales in a year.