Mizkan America Inc. recalled some Ragú pasta sauces for possible contamination with plastic fragments.

The recalled products made June 4-8 were distributed nationwide. Mizkan America believes that the majority of this production run is in its control, but some cases of the sauces were shipped to customers recently, the company says in its announcement.

No complaints had been reported at the time of the recall notice. “Mizkan America is taking this action out of an abundance of caution,” says the announcement distributed by the FDA.

The recalled Ragú sauces are:

Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion: 45 oz., cap code JUN0620YU2, use by date printed as JUN0620YU2

Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion: 66 oz.; cap code JUN0520YU2 or JUN0620YU2; use by date printed as JUN0520YU2 or JUN0620YU2

Old World Style Traditional: 66 oz., cap code JUN0420YU2, use by date printed as JUN0420YU2

Old World Style Meat: 66 oz., cap code JUN0520YU2, use by date printed as JUN0520YU2

People with recalled sauce should throw it away. You can call the company’s customer service hotline to receive a replacement coupon. Mizkan America also may make arrangements to retrieve the product for further examination.

The hotline at 800-328-7248 is available 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CDT weekdays.