The HS-100 and HS-300 series benchtop dispersers can mix up to 5 gallons of materials at a time—ideal for a wide range of high shear applications within labs, pilot plants and small-scale production environments. Each unit comes with a 1½ to 3 HP motor (TEFC or EP), a 1-inch x 19-inch stainless steel shaft and a 4-inch or 5-inch stainless steel disperser blade. A mechanical hand knob or AC variable speed drive allows varying shaft speed of 1000- 4100 rpm to achieve desired shear within the mixing chamber. Pre-lubricated heavy duty ball bearings ensure a long service life. An air lift with an easy-to-use toggle-valve raises and lowers the pneumatic cylinder 15 inches to allow placement of a holder with capacity to 5-gallon pail. The benchtop mixers are ideal for applications within food and beverage, chemical, paint and coatings, ink and pigments, plastics and rubber, cannabis/CBD and more.