Odd Burger was one of the world’s first vegan fast-food chains. Their commitment to vegan food is only shared by the company’s obligation to its packaging. 

The successful model of compact footprints optimized for fast service, takeout and delivery, affordability, and simplified employee training. Odd Burger smart kitchens feature modern on-demand cooking technology, online ordering, self-checkout kiosks, and cashless transactions. Along with technology, Odd Burger focuses on sustainability, not only via plant-based ingredients, but also compostable packaging, energy efficiency and responsible building materials. 

The packaging of Odd Burger’s in-restaurant and take-out food is compostable, both the inner wrap and outer carton. The fast-food chain uses PLA compostable for their clear cups and paper compostable for everything else. 

Odd Burger creates, manufactures and distributes its own proprietary plant-based proteins and dairy alternatives including burgers, “ChickUn,” sausage, and mac and cheese.