Nestlé announced that it has launched the Nestlé Youth Entrepreneurship Platform (YEP), a new digital platform designed for young innovators and entrepreneurs who want to learn new knowledge and skills, test an idea or grow their businesses, in areas ranging from food science and technology to the development of products and services—including regenerative agriculture and sustainable packaging.

YEP brings together all Nestlé's existing innovation initiatives and programs in one place. The platform gives young innovators access to The Nestlé Entrepreneurship Academy plus dedicated programs to grow knowledge, learn new skills and gain experience. It also offers customized content and resources from specific geographies.

Stefan Palzer, Nestlé CTO, says, "At Nestlé we work with startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers to drive innovation, bring good ideas to market fast and provide nutritious, sustainable and affordable products for a growing world population.

"Our new digital platform supports young people to bring great ideas to life across the food value chain, shaping the future of food!"

Key programs available on Nestlé's Youth Entrepreneurship Platform include:

  • Nestlé R+D Accelerator: Entrepreneurs can apply for challenges at one of Nestlé's 12 Accelerators across the world, to focus on developing disruptive food and beverage innovations and bringing them to market in six months. Participants can work together with Nestlé's R&D experts from around the world, such as food technologists, nutritionists, regulatory and food safety experts, designers and packaging experts. Each team also receives hands-on support from dedicated innovation coaches and mentoring from Nestlé's senior management.
  • Purina Unleashed: A pet care program designed to identify and support innovative startups focused on leveraging technology to improve the lives of pets and owners.
  • Nestlé market initiatives. For example, Ignite Ideas (Nestlé Hellas) supports startups and individuals; Reto Culinario (El Salvador), is an entrepreneurial contest and TV show that showcases youth culinary innovation; CEO X Youth Connect (East and Southern Africa), enables young people to engage with CEOs of large companies active in Nestlé's Alliance for YOUth.