ASCO Power Technologies introduced a new line of UL-listed quick-connect products that enable facilities to quickly add transportable generators and load banks to facility power distribution systems. The company states that its Quick-Connect Panels and Manual Transfer Switches with Integrated Quick-Connects are able to solve temporary emergency power connection challenges for any sized facility.

ASCO Quick-Connect Panels feature Cam Lock connectors that connect to temporary generators, load banks and are stated to be used to build power distribution systems where needed. The Manual Transfer Switches with Quick-Connects have an integrated transfer switch mechanism, quick-connect panel and available overcurrent protection.

The company states that every ASCO Quick-Connect product offers facilities the ability to obtain emergency power without the larger cost of a permanent generator. When a permanent generator is taken offline for service, the products connect to a temporary generator to maintain power supply through possible disruptions.

Possible applications of ASCO’s products include:

  • Single-purpose models serve either a temporary generator set for emergency power or a temporary load-bank for critical power testing
  • Dual-purpose models connect both gensets and load banks for simultaneous operation
  • Pairing an ASCO Quick-Connect Panel with a separate Manual Transfer Switch allows spatial flexibility for placing connection panels near genset or load-bank delivery locations
  • Quick-Connect Panels with Integrated Manual Transfer Switches offer convenient connectivity and power transfer capabilities in a single, small, enclosure
  • Both standalone panels and quick-connect switches offer integrated breakers for protecting utility, generator, and load-bank circuits