TechniBlend has launched its new volumetric can filler, the ProFill V. By using a volumetric filler, organizations will be able to fill their cans with a predetermined quantity of liquid, the company states. This replaces the traditional approach of filling containers via sensory technology that relies on measuring by weight or height.

The ProFill V runs at speeds between 100 - 600+ cans per minute while achieving precise and consistent filling volumes in multiple can sizes for a variety of beverages and liquids, according to TechniBlend. The ProFill V Series also utilizes an electronic HMI interface for recipe-based changeovers and simple and repeatable filler operation. This means that there are shortened changeover times, leading to more overall production capability. Hygienically designed, stainless steel can handling and change parts allow for easier cleaning, quick changeover, and super smooth can transport in and out of the filler and seamer.

"The ProFill V Volumetric Can Filler is the latest example of how TechniBlend is advancing the Beverage Processing industry into the future. The additional technology in the ProFill V gives us a perfect platform to integrate TechniBlend's beverage processing technology and solutions more closely with the can filling process, giving today's beverage producers more flexibility and versatility to produce a wider array of beverages" says Derek Deubel, vice president and general manager of TechniBlend. "This new can filler empowers organizations to take their production to the next level while maintaining a consistent filling volume for a wide array of beverages."