Ecolab announced the launch of Active OX+ (EPA Reg. No. 1677-275), a no-rinse food contact sanitizer, listed by the U.S. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). 

The new, EPA-registered sanitizer is designed for use on hard, non-porous and pre-cleaned food contact surfaces such as pipelines, tanks, vats, fillers, evaporators, pasteurizers and associated equipment in facilities including dairy processors, beverage and food processing plants, and breweries.

“Organic food and beverage producers face more challenges than ever before—from supply chain and staffing shortages, to changing food and safety regulations,” says Vaideeswaran Sivaswamy, vice president of RD&E for Ecolab’s food and beverage division. “We designed the product to help with what our organic production customers told us they needed most: an effective and efficient sanitizer intended for organic production. With prior solutions, organic producers had to do extra rinse cycles after sanitation to ensure their lines stayed organic certified. Now, Active OX+ allows them to streamline the process without risking their quality standards.”

With Active OX+, Ecolab says organic food and beverage producers will:

  • Enhance quality assurance with consistent sanitization efficacy across a broad effective range of use concentration—including no-rinse efficacy against biofilms. Conductive chemistry will also allow real-time tech-driven monitoring and controls to further support quality assurance.
  • Simplify operations and drive efficiencies by reducing chemistry, water, and energy usage with a concentrated formula that achieves effective sanitization with up to 50% less chemistryas compared to Oxonia Active (EPA Reg. No. 1677-129).
  • Aid productivity and performance by streamlining clean-in-place sanitization and significantly reducing the need for acid washing.
  • Support safe, sustainable operations with quick-connect drum probe technology that minimizes employee exposure risks during drum and tote changeovers. Active OX+ will also reduce chemistry and resource usage and improve effluent quality to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Active OX+ is a component of Ecolab’s portfolio of CIP solutions. To learn more about this product visit