Rabbit Hole Distillery has partnered with Independent 2 as its ship case provider. Independent 2 is a digital corrugated manufacturer that uses the Domino X630i digital aqueous inkjet corrugated press. The company reports that the partnership with the privately-owned manufacturer has made designing its packaging more efficient.

Dac Austin, creative director of Rabbit Hole Distiller, explains that Independent 2’s digital corrugated printing allows for swift and efficient modifications to packaging designs in real-time. He says that the responsivity of Rabbit Hole’s ship case provider reflects the brands design goals and allows for efficiency in its production.

“We are able to make edits with color, with typography… and see it within minutes.  If we were to do this in a conventional manner, we would have had to shut down the press, take the plates off, remake the plates, reapply the ink, and wait for hours for this to happen,” states Austin.

The digital printing process for Rabbit Hole is described by Austin to be as easy as creating a file and running it through Independent 2’s Domino X630i. “There’s no mixing of inks, there’s no wipe-up or clean-up for the machinery. It’s just moving the board through, and it works effectively and efficiently. That is something that is magnificent in what we’re able to do. And it shows the merger of the digital and corrugated world."