Flexicon is has introduced a new High-Volume Open-Chute Dumper. The new product allows discharging of non-dusty, free-flowing and/or agglomerated bulk materials from multiple drums or boxes simultaneously, as well as from Gaylords, totes or bins individually.

The bed of the unit's hydraulically-tipped housing can accommodate containers from 37 to 44 in. (940 to 1118 mm) in height, having an individual or combined footprint of up to 6 x 8 ft. (1829 x 2438 mm). Typical applications for multiple containers include simultaneous dumping of four 55-gal. (208-L) drums or four boxes, each having a footprint from 36 to 48 in. (915 to 1220 mm).

Pallets weighing up to 5,000 lbs. (2268 kg) are forklift-loaded into the three-sided unit and secured, after which a grate is lowered onto the container(s) to prevent shifting. The lifting assembly is raised to a height of 77 in. (1955 mm) and tipped hydraulically, causing material to slide through a smooth, three-sided chute into receiving vessels.

Twin hydraulic cylinders pivot the platform-chute assembly to discharge angles of 45 or 60 degrees beyond horizontal, including a motion-dampening feature at the termination of container rotation. Impact-resistant side panels and custom guard panels with a light curtain ensure safe operation.

The dumper is available in heavy-duty, all-stainless construction to sanitary standards or in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings and stainless steel material contact surfaces. It is also available with optional receiving hoppers configured with Flexicon mechanical or pneumatic conveyors to transport discharged material to any plant location.