Recently, Emerson introduced the Rosemount 319 Flushing Ring with valve-integrated design for accurate differential pressure measurement and lower maintenance suitable for a wide range of differential pressure applications.

Available in traditional and compact options, the new Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings provide a process-to-seal connection and allow for faster diaphragm seal maintenance without disconnecting them from process flanges.

Both versions of the Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings come pre-assembled including the flushing ring, matching valves and connections—reportedly allowing technicians to commission devices quickly by minimizing the need to procure and assemble the components on-site. Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings are factory leak-tested so users can mount products to vessels right out of the box, according to Emerson. When installed, diaphragm seal maintenance is significantly faster without compromising safety while reducing stocked inventory and management of multiple vendor piece-parts. 

Version-specific features include:

  • The Rosemount 319 Traditional design utilizes a flow-through cleaning action and, reportedly, can be sized to fit most applications. Configurations are offered with a choice of ball valves, needle valves or gate valves. Multiple material, flange types, sizes and ratings are also offered.
  • The Rosemount 319 Compact design removes residual build-up quickly. According to Emerson it cleans five-times faster over 30% more surface area and 50% fewer leak points than other flushing rings. Accommodating a wide range of applications, assemblies reportedly have a smaller foot-print for accurate differential pressure measurement in applications that have limited space for flushing ring installation. Configurations are offered with needle valves and in multiple materials, flange types, sizes and ratings.