ABM Sensor Technology has introduced a remote monitoring platform for level and distance measurement applications. The platform combines cellular-level sensors and devices, web-based software and a virtual support service, designed to offer users an end-to-end solution for remote-level monitoring.

The virtual support aspect is a differentiator of ABM’s remote monitoring platform. Around the clock, ABM technicians virtually connect to level sensors. From installation, experienced technicians provide virtual set-up support to configure the sensor's parameters to the environment.

With 24/7 monitoring, technicians manage changing process conditions such as obstructions or material build-up and apply custom filters to improve the performance of the sensor, ensuring accuracy and reliability in their level of data. The company states that virtual monitoring also enables technicians to respond to unexpected issues, minimizing sensor downtime.

To complete the platform, ABM offers level sensors and gateway devices that connect via cellular networks to secure ABM servers–transmitting level data, alarms, high/low alerts, battery status and more. From a computer, tablet or smartphone, users can access the web-based ABM Sensor Access portal and have information readily available.

API services are also available for automatic data push and/or pull abilities. For current users, the platform helps to reduce maintenance, eliminates manual readings, climbs on tanks and reduces travel to remote sites to save costs and labor. The remote, real-time insights help optimize operations, minimize downtime and maximize profits, according to the company.