WAGO has reported that its Compact Controller 100 is available and ready to ship. The product remains a small-scale PLC with a wide variety of built-in I/O for smaller applications. While the PLC can still interface with industrial devices using protocols such as MODBUS TCP/UDP, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT using the two onboard EtherNet ports—it now includes communication protocols such as BACnet, OPC/UA and DNP3 for the utility sector.

Programming the Compact Controller 100 using Codeys 3.5 reportedly allows users to code in one or more of the IEC 61131-3 compatible languages and utilize the controller’s built-in Web Server to develop HTML5 visualizations. The two flexible Ethernet ports allow for the use of a switch or two unique IP addresses, with one port for field devices and the other for SCADA or Cloud services. The wide variety of built-in digital and analog I/O plus RTD inputs can be used with EAGO’s 750-362 MODBUS Coupler for I/O expansion in any application.