Kenall Lighting is introducing the CSSGI series: a shallow plenum troffer designed for cleanrooms and clean spaces, including laboratories, food processing plants, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research centers and more. Filling a market need for a slim, budget-friendly cleanroom luminaire, the fixture’s low-profile design allows for minimal intrusion into plenum space.

At 2.5-in. deep, the CSSGI is available in 2-ft. by 2-ft. and 2-ft. by 4-ft. sizes, making it ideal for use in ISO 3-8 cleanrooms, ISO9 life sciences clean spaces and BSL 1-4 cleanrooms with grid ceilings. Featuring an edge-lit light engine, the luminaire’s high-output, high-CRI lamp source provides uniform lighting across the surface of the lens. The CSSGI is available with an NSF2 and IP66 listing.

Nate Heiking, Kenall’s product development engineering manager, says, “The new SimpleSeal CSSGI luminaire was developed in response to market demand. Lighting that’s sealed from both the room and plenum sides is highly valued in cleanrooms and clean spaces. The fixture offers a low-profile design suitable for installation into ISO 3-9 and BSL 1-4 cleanrooms, at a low total cost of ownership. The design also allows for ease of access to the internal housing and driver when installed, making it a more serviceable fixture than the competition.”

The CSSGI is the newest addition to Kenall’s portfolio of SimpleSeal sealed enclosure lighting.