Keychain announced its first product Crossroad, which is designed to give brands and retailers the ability to view the availability and pricing of manufacturing line time in the consumer packaged goods industry and to reserve that line time at market rates. The platform is starting with more than 20 product categories, including sparkling water, energy drinks, cereal and granola bars.

Crossroad is Keychain’s first product as it moves forward in its mission to bring clarity and convenience to the CPG manufacturing industry, a landscape the company says is fragmented and dominated by trade shows, brokers and manual time intensive vetting. Built with a network of more than 10,000 copackers and branded manufacturers, Keychain's aim is to help brands easily find the perfect manufacturing partners.

“We’re giving the market access to manufacturing capacity on some of the best CPG production lines in the country,” said Olsin Hanrahan, Keychain cofounder and CEO. “These are the lines used by everyday brands that we all know and love, who often have unused capacity. By bringing the unique latent capacity to the industry in a transparent way, we hope to eliminate the price discrimination that we’ve seen brands of all sizes endure—discrimination that ultimately hurts consumers when they go to the grocery store. Launching Crossroad is our first step in creating a more transparent supply chain that helps shoppers around the world find better, more affordable products on store shelves.”