Kutol Products Company introduced its closed-system TOPFILL No Touch Counter Mount. TOPFILL dispensers are designed to provide the convenience of automatic soap dispensing while eliminating waste and awkward, unhygienic under-counter refilling process. The system features “dock-and-lock” refills, which enable refilling of the soap reservoir from above the counter, or “topping off” partially empty reservoirs.

The refill bag is “docked” into the dispenser as gravity refills it. Soap automatically stops flowing when the dispenser is full and then reseals to prevent contamination. Janitorial/cleaning staff is free to engage in other tasks while the dispensers are refilling. A turn of the nozzle disengages the docking mechanism. 

“Kutol’s TOPFILL sealed, sanitary system delivers benefits to facilities including cost and labor savings by eliminating product waste, contamination and messy soap spills,” says Brandon Jones, vice president of sales and marketing. “Additionally, this sleek, sophisticated automatic dispenser enhances the look and cleanliness of any restroom, conveying the facility’s commitment to health and wellness to all users.”

Along with the introduction of the TOPFILL No Touch Dispenser, three new LUX foaming soaps are available in cucumber, lavender and dye/fragrance free. All are Ecologo certified for reduced environmental impact. Each 1200mL refill provides approximately 2,000 handwashes.