Nissin Foods USA has launched Hot & Spicy FIRE WOK Packets, a square ramen pack featuring spicy noodles that are infused with chili flakes inside the noodle to create ramen recipes. The packets are vailable in Torched Teriyaki Chicken Flavor and Screamin' Sichuan Beef.

"Our Hot & Spicy FIRE WOK ramen is perfect for flavor fanatics who seek out heat, so we thought who better than NYC firefighters to truly put it to the test," says Priscila Stanton, senior vice president, marketing of Nissin Foods USA.

Now with chili peppers infused directly into the noodles, Hot & Spicy FIRE WOK Packets are bringing forth more heat independent of the seasoning. These ramen packets are intended to be easy to prepare for an individual or combine packs for a group of people. Simply boil the noodles for five minutes, and then mix in the seasoning packet.