Matterport launched a new set of AI-based features called Property Intelligence that provides customers with access to automated measurements, layouts, editing and reporting capabilities generated from a Matterport digital twin of their property. 

Using spatial data, computer vision and deep learning, Property Intelligence automatically calculates square footage, including dimensions of walls and ceiling heights. 

For property and facility managers, this can unlock data about their facilities to help them utilize a space—from guiding development, to supporting the estimation of renovation costs or evaluating properties at scale. 

Other features that are relevant to the company’s facilities management solutions include:

  • New Compass and Minimap plugins streamline property navigation, helping visitors navigate large spaces like construction sites, commercial buildings or vast properties. For spaces where directional context is important, the compass plugin allows viewers to navigate with clarity, indicating which direction is north relative to their viewpoint. This is useful for construction and development when understanding elements like daylight, wind and other factors influenced by direction.
  • Announced in beta last December, the Matterport CAD file add-on is now available, enabling the conversion of Matterport digital twin point clouds into editable CAD drawings for spaces in several formats, including DWG and DXF files. The CAD file add-on streamlines the process of documentation for existing conditions to speed up project timelines.