Nounós Creamery has selected Greiner Packaging’s K3 sustainable cup for the launch of its 16-oz. probiotic strained yogurt. 

Packed with protein and billions of probiotics, including BB-12, Nounós Creamery’s new yogurt is available in classic plain and vanilla bean flavors. It features non-GMO ingredients and is free of hormones, antibiotics, gluten, rBST, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors.

The cardboard wrap on Greiner Packaging’s K3 cardboard-plastic combination provides stability, so the cup can be produced with thin walls. By using less plastic, it delivers a reduced CO2 footprint. The cup and wrap can be easily separated, which allows for recyclability. The cup is white or transparent, producing recyclates that are not contaminated by inks. 

“Right from the start, we chose to pack our single-serve naturally authentic yogurt in sustainable glass pots, which are loved by our consumers,” says John Belesis, cofounder of Nounós Creamery. “For the new launch of our 16-oz. probiotic strained yogurt, we have chosen Greiner Packaging’s sustainable K3® cardboard-plastic combination. We wanted to add a probiotic variant and at the same time be able to offer a more accessible price point, while competing with other larger yogurt tubs commonly available in most retail locations. Choosing reclosable K3 was a major factor in the development of this new two-flavor range, as its 100% recyclability and premium look and feel fit so well with our and our consumers’ values.”