Kason Corporation has launched the KR3020-SS High-Capacity Batch Sifter.

This solution features a rectangular design, specifically tailored for high-efficiency industrial sifting.

The KR3020-SS, named for its 30-inch by 20-inch dimensions, was created initially for a specific requirement in the food processing industry. The sifter, which is designed to be mounted on a mixer or hopper to provide a sanitary, gap-free solution for food-grade applications, features a convenient bag-cutting shelf design to assist operators rip and tip.

Capable of managing high-capacity processing, the sifter incorporates a magnet drawer beneath the screen. This feature captures ferrous materials. Furthermore, its single-motor design not only reduces power consumption but also streamlines maintenance.

The KR3020-SS also features a counterweighted lid. Its compact design suits smaller enterprises, particularly those where space is at a premium. The unit also arrives complete with a dust control port, ready for integration with existing dust collection systems.

Originally designed for the bakery industry, the KR3020-SS finds application across multiple sectors, including nutraceuticals, where manual bag dumping is prevalent. It also offers versatility by coupling with mixers, hoppers or other equipment, as well as compatibility with equipment from most other manufacturers. Additionally, its screens come in various mesh sizes, ensuring flexibility and suitability for a range of material types and sizes.

“The KR3020-SS typifies our commitment to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of industries we serve,” says Seth Vance, CEO of Advanced Material Processing, Kason’s parent company. “The sifter represents a step forward for the safety and efficiency of our customers.”