ROCOL will remove per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the formulations of its FOODLUBE product range.

Starting in April, 100 percent of FOODLUBE food-grade lubricants will be PFAS-free. ROCOL estimates the new formulations will prevent approximately 425 kilograms of “forever chemicals” reaching the environment every year. ROCOL has also confirmed that FOODLUBE packaging is PFAS-free.

While PFAS are considered to be harmful to the environment, there is no outright ban in force today. A universal PFAS restriction proposal is being debated in the European Union with the European Commission expected to respond to the proposals later this year.     

“As market leaders in food grade lubricants, we are committed to being ahead of the curve, and have listened to our customers in the food industry, who have been the driving force for this change,” says Gareth Procter, senior product manager, ROCOL. “To meet the increasing demands of the food sector, our customers want to know that they are supported in their efforts to meet their sustainability goals. We will continue to make developments in technology to ensure ROCOL is at the forefront of this topic, with the ultimate objective of all of our products being PFAS-free without any compromise to performance.”

The first of these formulations will be produced at ROCOL’s facility in Swillington, Leeds, UK, starting April 2.