Bridor, a producer of bakery products and Viennese pastries that are sold in more than 100 countries, announced its investment in a new manufacturing facility in Greater Salt Lake City, Utah. The plant will be Bridor's fifth in North America, with one being in New Jersey, one in Connecticut and two in Canada.

Construction of the new factory will start in fall 2024 and is set to conclude by the end of 2025. Production is expected to commence in January 2026 and will offer a large range of artisan breads and Viennese pastries tailored for the American market and adapted to Western customer preferences.

"This factory will enable Bridor to meet the specific needs of the American market by having a production site close to its regional customers," says CEO of Bridor in North America Eric de Saint Lager. "It will propose a wide range of artisanal breads and Viennese pastries designed specifically for the American consumers."

The company says this venture will lead to more than 150 immediate new jobs in 2026, and 300 in the long-term, shared between operators, bakers, engineers, supervisors, mechanics and quality controllers who reside in the Brigham City area. Through its training academy, Bridor says it will provide its staff with essential know-how to make premium artisanal products on an industrial scale. Recruitment will be partially anticipated in 2025 to build up and welcome the team in the plant's early stage.