Morey’s Seafood uses a Multivac system to produce peggable, thermoformed packages with up to 52 days of shelf life.
Package seal failure can be a catastrophic problem with extended shelf-life products, and that issue alone was enough to drive Minneapolis-based Morey’s Seafood International LLC to find a new packaging system. The solution not only addressed the seal issue, it also resulted in a more attractive retail presence and 25 percent higher output.

Morey’s produces a variety of smoked, marinated and other value-added fish and seafood products at its Motley, Minn., plant and distributes them through seven centers to grocers and foodservice clients in 38 states. With the old packaging system, labels were placed by hand on vacuum packages, and seal failure during shipping was a major issue. The solution was an R270 skin packaging machine from Multivac Inc., coupled with an MR 621 in-line labeling system that precisely places back panels. Printed rollstock film reduces material costs.

The system handles 30 to 36 packages a minute, and the oxygen-permeable film delivers up to 52 days of refrigerated shelf life. Product rests on a gold foil board, which delivers enough rigidity to allow a pegboard display while enhancing the look.

For more information:
Michel Defenbau, Multivac Inc., 816-891-0555