Robert S. Dirksen
Advanced Instruments, Inc. will acquire 100 percent of the stock of Delta Instruments B.V., a Netherlands-based manufacturer of analytical instrumentation used to analyze milk and dairy products. The products will continue to be marketed under the Delta Instruments brand.

Gainco has made two new appointments in its engineering and product development departments. Chief Engineer, Roberst S. Dirksen has been promoted to the director of engineering. The company’s new electrical engineering manager is Jim White.

Jim White
Members of the International Association of Food Industry Suppliers (IAFIS) elected one new member and reelected four members to its Board of Directors. Fred W. Beer, Dream Company Limited, was reelected to the Packaging Director seat. Brian K. Gehrke, A&B Process Systems Corp., was reelected to the Technical Services Director seat. Daniel Larsen, VNE Corporation, is the newly elected At-Large Director.

Two reelected At-Large Directors are Ivan G. Larsh, WEDECO Ideal Horizons, and Viggo Nielsen, Safeline Inc. Two vacant Board seats were filled, as well. John Rooney, Evergreen Packaging Equipment/International Paper, was appointed to a one-year tem. Kirk Spitzer, Alfa Laval Inc., was appointed to a two-year term.

3 IAFIS members were reappointed to the foundation of the association’s board of directors: John Fearn, Walter Stainless Equipment Co. Inc., Wolfgang Stamp, Fristam Pumps, Inc., and Bruce D. Poulterer.

Zino Lappas
The Institute of Packaging Professionals has issued a call for entries for its 2003 AmeriStar Package Competition. The deadline is July 1. Any engineer, supplier, marketer or packager is eligible provided he or she has been involved in the design or manufacturing of the submitted package or one of its principal components. The package must have been produced after January 1, 2002. Call (800) 432-4085 or