Display-quality bake-in pans are making inroads among bakers of premium desserts, thanks to structural improvements in the packaging.
A polyester film for disposable baking trays that can withstand 450 degree temperatures and still maintain an attractive appearance at retail is helping Laminating Technologies LLC win converts to its Bake ‘n Ship packaging.

The film is laminated onto heat-resistant foil and a cardboard substrate. Trays come in a variety of finishes, including gold, silver and black.

Earlier versions of disposable baking trays “were basically just cardboard with a sprayed on film,” says Kathy Gallant, purchasing manager for Alden Merrell Co., a Newburyport, Mass., baker of cheesecakes and specialty desserts. “The difference with these new bake-and-ship containers is the lamination process and the film that they use.” Gallant estimates labor costs are reduced 25 percent by eliminating depanning, but packaging aesthetics for foodservice clients may be the most important benefit. “The tray gives you a much better presentation because it is stronger and maintains its shape throughout the entire baking/freezing/shipping process,” she says.

Titterington’s Olde English Bake Shop in Woburn, Mass., is another Bake ‘n Ship convert, using the trays for brownies and cornbread. “The money we save by not washing trays and re-handling everything is enough to offset the up-front cost of the tray,” according to president Diane Krane. “Ease of handling and the quality of the bake definitely outweigh the cost in our case.”

Laminating Technologies claims the trays are 80 percent stronger than conventional packaging and can withstand temperatures down to -90 degrees.

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