Many food industry segments have unique business requirements. Historically, these companies have been forced to go without systems, write custom programs or extensively modify a standard product. FE research turned up a number of highly focused vendors. Some suppliers provide systems that add-on or enhance ERP or Supply Chain systems while others offer stand-alone solutions. With their tight focus, these companies are typically smaller but the benefits of in-depth knowledge and products may make them just the right solution for some companies.


CAT2 provides a Poultry and Further Processing Tool Series. The series extends from slaughter operations to further processing and distribution with functions for live bird weighing, live bird receiving, yield management, de-boning yield, further processing, palletizing, cold store management, distribution control and other areas like order processing and costing. CAT2's food safety module, called HAT, is a paperless system that records all critical and HACCP checks required for audits and provides complete lot tracking for traceability purposes. Customers include Cooper Farms, Perdue Farms and Crider Poultry.

Commodity based products

Biwer and Associates, Inc. provides software for paying growers and producers of agricultural commodities. Biwer's applications manage the entire procurement process-managing producer profiles, agreements and contracts, receiving, pricing calculations, and payments and deductions. Currently, they claim involvement in the procurement workflows of more than 25 different commodities, including fluid milk, fruits, grains, and livestock. Customers include Foremost Farms, J.M. Smucker, Riceland Foods, Sunsweet Growers and Welch's.


Fishmonger is a category-specific solution that integrates a seafood company's central business processes. Fishmonger provides purchasing, accounts payable, production, inventory, invoicing, and accounts receivable. It also includes the appropriate government shellfish reports. Fishmonger serves primary (head & gut) and secondary processors (fillet, steak, pre-pack, & portions). Customers include American Seafood, Braun Seafood, Milfico Foods and The Fish Guys.