According to a research study from ARC Advisory Group, there may be over $65 billion in automation systems still in use that are over 15 years old. ARC says that most of these systems are not suitable for the collaborative manufacturing era that the process industry is now entering.

In response, Emerson Process Management has developed new connection, control and display migration products that permit rapid conversion from older generation automation systems to new PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

Emerson’s migration products for field connection, control, and operator interface, combined with its simulation and training services, help minimize process downtime for transition. Pre-engineered field connection products reduce costs as much as 50 percent compared with rewiring costs, and process downtime can be reduced by 75 percent, according to Emerson. Pre-defined drag and drop displays such as pumps, valves and motors help build new displays, or services and conversion tools are available to convert existing graphics. Off-line simulation enables configuration checkout and operator training prior to connecting new digital plant architecture.

To facilitate conversion of legacy systems, Emerson’s products and services enable migration from competitive systems to the DeltaV digital automation system within the PlantWeb architecture.

Emerson has launched PlantWeb University to help users understand, select and apply technologies that will improve and sustain operations productivity. For more information visit