Comprehensive record keeping and traceability are critical requirements for food processors. In addition to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations which have been in effect for several years in most sectors, new regulations from the FDA, USDA and European Union have created higher compliance thresholds for food manufacturers. Amid these increasing regulatory pressures, food processors are seeing increased demand to demonstrate the effectiveness of their brand-protection measures for larger customers.

Ross Systems' enhancements to its iRenaissance ERP system can help food and beverage processors improve record keeping and traceability.

"iRenaissance enables us to manage product variability, ensure HACCP compliance, exceed FDA safety regulations and steadily improve customer satisfaction," said Joe Stell, director of information systems at Naturally Fresh, Inc., manufacturers of refrigerated dressings. "With precise record keeping and bi-directional lot tracing to determine the disposition of any raw ingredient throughout production and distribution, we can assure our key customers that their brands are protected," Stell added.

iRenaissance enables compliance with the record keeping and trace back requirements of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002. Through a graphical Web-browser screen, iRenaissance users can instantly trace forward and backward to determine the disposition of any ingredient or intermediate or finished product at any point throughout the supply chain.

The system provides alerts to prevent quality control violations and also enables rapid containment to minimize the scope of a recall should a mistake occur.

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