New Products for the Food Engineering world.

Digital weight indicators

Whether the application is a bench scale or a motor truck scale, the new 200 Series digital weight indicators meet the need. These rugged instruments feature a NEMA 4X/IP66 stainless steel enclosure to provide reliable service even in harsh environments or wash down installations. They offer dual serial ports, seven different weight unit modes and can power up to eight load cells. The easy-to-use- seven-button membrane keypad, print capability and pushbutton tare on the Model 205 makes it perfect for any basic weighing application. The additional features of the Model 210 include keypad tare, check weighing, and piece count make it the choice for more advanced applications.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co., 203 E. Daugherty, Webb _City, MO 64870. Tel. (417) 673-4631; _fax (417) 673-5001_
Product 304

Dataweigh scales
The Dataweigh Sigma Plus Series combination weigh-scales provide up to 30 models with per/pack volumes ranging from 2,000 to 16,000 cc including multi-head units for mixing applications. Features include durable stainless construction, a quiet stepper motor drive system and modular construction permitting simple "unplug" of actuators, buckets and pans for cleaning. Advanced Countweigh software assures accuracy and efficiency.

Allen Machinery, 500 E. Illinois St., Newberg, OR 97132. Tel. (503) 538-3141._
Product 300

Hopper weighing system
Designed and constructed in stainless steel for rugged, dependable performance, weighing accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces, Gainco hopper weighing systems are used for diverse poultry industry applications, such as batching into vats or totes, weighing/distributing fronts to multiple deboners, and continuous weighing of product portions into or out of a specific process. The equipment can accommodate standard or bi-directional hopper weighing capacities ranging from 10 lbs. to 500 lbs.

Gainco Inc. (a subsidiary of Bettcher Industries, Inc.), 1655 Oakbrook Dr., Gainesville, GA 30507. Tel. (770) 534-0703; fax (770) 534-1865;
Product 301

Updated bulk scale
Long the standard in bulk raisin and date weighing, Eagle's sturdy stainless steel bulk weigher is designed for years of reliable operation. For ease of use, the weigher includes a PLC control system with user-friendly touchscreen. A pneumatic lubricator, air lockout assembly and triple beam strain gauge load cells round out the weighers upscale design. A weight range from 25-30 pounds includes multiple discharges available for higher weights. The weigher is easily integrated with upstream and downstream equipment.

SIG Pack EAGLE Corp., 2107 Livingston St., Oakland, CA 94606. Tel. (510) 533-3000; fax (510) 533-3019; www.eaglepack.net_
Product 303

DeviceNet interface
KM announces the release of its DeviceNet interface for the SVS 2000, KM's full-featured weight indicator for load cells, ideal for in-process weighing and batching applications in the food, bio-pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. DeviceNet, an open industrial network for sensor and devices, provides digital communications to more sophisticated devices like the SVS 2000. KM's new SVS_2000 DeviceNet interface provides two-way, digital communications between the SVS 2000 and a DeviceNet master. The master can: Access both gross and net weights; tare the SVS 2000 for loadout applications; download setpoint and preact values and read and write calibration values and other functions for the SVS 2000. DeviceNet allows data transfers from 100 to 500 meters at a rate of 125k to 500k BPS, and can facilitate up to 63 addresses on the DeviceNet trunk cable. It allows users to transfer data fro the load cell more cleanly, simply and directly.

KM, 19021 120th Avenue NE, Bothell, WA 98011-9505. Tel. (800) 426) 9010; fax (425) 402-1500; www.kistlermorse.com_
Product 302

Ishida economy weigher
The new Ishida Economy Weigher delivers superior accuracy and performance at an easily affordable price. Available in 10-head or 14-head models, the new CCW-EM Ishida multihead weigher integrates simple operator controls with advanced load cell technology to provide a cost effective alternative to higher speed models with more advanced features.

Heat and Control, Inc., 21121 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545-1132. Tel. (510) 259-0500; fax (510) 259-0600_ Product 313

Weigh table series checkweighers
With an 8-lb. weighing capacity and a 200 packs per minute maximum line speed, the Model PW-12 powered weigh table checkweigher is ideally suited for use in conjunction with f/f/s equipment. The Powered Weigh Table consists of a modular, separate driven conveyor/ loadcell assembly to simultaneously move packages through the checkweigher while weight is determined. The rigid table construction provides the needed support and structure for unstable packages so that weight may be quickly and accurately determined.

Alpha Checkweighers, A division of All-Fill, Inc., 418 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341. Tel. (610) 524-7350; fax (610) 524-7346;
Product 307

Internet-enable scale terminal
Mettler-Toledo's new JAGXTREME terminal, the first out-of-the-box, Internet-enable weigh scale, incorporates industry standard open connectivity, to facilitate communication and data exchange with companies' LAN, WAN, automation or enterprise systems, to monitor applications, and to provide remote access for product setup and maintenance. JAGXTREME connects to PCs and other devices using commonly available cables and hubs, eliminating the need for special equipment or proprietary technology. The terminal also features an embedded Web server that enables product configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance from remote locations via the internet.

Mettler-Toledo, Inc., 1900 Polaris Pkwy., Columbus, OH 43240-2020. Tel. (614) 438-4511; fax (614) 438-4525;
Product 311

Rapid response weight indicator
LCp-100 Indicator/Transmitters provide ultra high-speed processing for time critical weighing applications. At 120 updates per second, processing equipment runs batches faster without sacrificing precision weighment accuracy. LCp-100 systems generate more throughput and tighter control for high-speed batching, checkweighing and continuous feed systems. A concise, 4-20 mA output is available to update external DCS or PLC equipment.

BLH Electronics, Inc., 75 Shawmut Rd., Canton, MA 02021. Tel. (781) 821-2000; Product 306

Ultra precision load cell
GLOBAL Weighing's PR6241 Compression Load Cell and the PR 6246 Tension S-Type Load Cells now have Ultra Precision accuracy. With one of the highest legal for trade accuracy classes in the world of 0.008 percent, the capacities for these precision load cells are from 440 lbs. to 6,600 lbs. They are designed for a wide temperature range, resistant against vibration, and ideal for the washdown environments.

GLOBAL Weighing, 5110 Old Ellis Pointe, Roswell, GA, 30076. Tel. (678) 393-9960; fax (678) 393-9961;
Product 309

Linear net weigh fillers
Powell Systems has updated their line of bulk linear net weigh filling machines to handle "hard to feed" products that need to be packaged in bags or poly-lined cases of up to 60 lbs. New net weigh fillers using High-deflection vibratory drives can fill packages with product that is more difficult to feed like salad mix, sliced pepperoni, and fresh veggies. Installations of the Powell HiVol and HiDeflection fillers have produced fill rates over 16 cases per minute at certain weights. Case weights over 60 lbs. can be filled at slower speeds. Powell Systems is the leading manufacturer of filling machines for bulk packages of 5 to 60 lbs. of a variety of dry and frozen product.

Powell Systems Inc., 1470 Churchill Hubbard Rd., Youngstown, OH 44505. Tel. (330) 759-9220; fax (330) 759-9434;
Product 320

AccuFlow hopper/feeders
AccuFlow hopper/feeders provide highly accurate feed control for most dry, granular, free-flowing products, and are available in a choice of volumetric and loss-in-weight models. The volumetric hopper/feeders offers variable control of both speed and frequency of the feeder drive. This control option also enables interfaces with PLCs and other systems. Meyer's line of loss-in-weight control hopper/feeders feature set points that can be selected for automatic refilling. This provides weight-based feed control that is essential. The round, tubular frame minimizes the number of flat areas that would collect dust or dirt. The hopper can be removed easily for product changes.

Meyer Machine Co., P.O. Box 5460, San Antonio, TX 78201-0460. Tel. (210) 736-1811; fax (210) 736-4662;
Product 317

Loss-in-weight control
Hardy Instruments has just released an enhanced version of its popular Loss-In-Weight Rate Controller, the HI 2160RC Plus. The Plus version adds retrievable storage data for up to twelve different feed system configurations. Other improvements include a real-time Two Sigma test routine, auto rate calibration error checking, and rear panel access to the instruments' Secure Memory Module (SMM). The SMM provides easy transfer of setup and configuration data from one instrument to another.

Hardy Instruments, 3860 Calle Fortunada, San Diego, CA 92123. Tel. (858) 278-2900; fax (858) 278-6700; www.hardyinst.com_
Product 314

Digital weigh controller
Taylor's NTGE Digital Weigh Controller has undergone extensive testing by the National Conference of Weights and Measures under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) and been issued a certificate of conformance. NTEP certification is required by most states and in Canada for products used in "Legal for Trade" applications. The NTGE Weigh Controller is specifically designed and built to control Taylor Products filling and packing systems. The NTGE can monitor, control and transmit data on filling, batch weighing and check weighing operations.

Taylor Products Inc., 2205 Jothi Ave., Parsons, KS 66204. Tel. (800) 467-9030; fax (913) 236-5907; www.hedlund.com_
Product 315