Focus on Weighing Systems

High-speed batching controller

The AD-4402 from A&D Weighing is a high-speed controller for use as a stand-alone batching unit or as part of a large multi-function system.

Its networking, communications and software programming combined with its large database storage capacity make it suitable for a number of applications such as batching, automatic mixing, filling and checkweighing.

The compact IP-65 front panel enclosure allows operation in harsh environments. It can be mounted on a panel or desktop.

A&D Weighing; Tel. (408) 263-5333; Fax (408) 263-0119;

Weigh legs

Weigh-Tronix, Inc’s new bolt-on Weigh Legs add in-line weighing capabilities to ordinary sections of a conveyor. Weigh Legs can weigh static and in-motion conveyor loads and are suitable for applications such as check weighing of boxed goods and crates.

Weigh Legs come in seven different widths ranging from 24 inches to 42 inches, 5-ft. or 10-ft. lengths and 250-, 500- and 1,000-lb. capacities. Leg height are adjustable to accommodate conveyor heights.

Weigh-Tronix, Inc.
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Weight interface

The new ORB 2.0 communications integration system from Kistler-Morse interfaces weight and level instruments to internet/intranet networks. Based on the new Intel Celeron processor, the ORB 2.0 transformer combines high-density, high capacity continuous data logging with its internal web-server platform and transforms this data into available useful information as needed.

Standard Ethernet Network interface as well built-in modem interface make this compact information system flexible.

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Check weigher system

Gainco, Inc.’s new GS-2400 Check Weigher Systems can be used for high-speed in-motion weighing of poultry products against a variety of preset accept or reject parameters. Hardware and software packages can be customized to meet specific customer throughput and accuracy requirements.

Gainco, Inc.
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In motion-scales

Thermo Ramsey’s AutoCheck 4000 Warehouse Scale provides accurate in-motion weighing of packages up to 150 pounds at velocities up to 550 fpm. Its tough and sturdy construction makes it suitable for demanding warehouse environments. Adjustable feet allow for easy leveling of the unit, including leveling on uneven floors. Motor controls are standard and the unit comes ready to plug in and run.

Thermo Ramsey
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Mobile operator station

STRONGARM Designs has a new Mobile Operator Station for batch pre-weighing and quality control. According to STRONGARM Designs, pre-weighing is faster and more accurate when the scale is bought to the ingredients. The station is completely integrated with scale, computer, display, pointer, barcode scanner rf network and battery system. The stainless steel construction is designed for wet and corrosive environments.

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Weight controller

The HI 3030 general purpose Weight Controller from Hardy Instruments can be used in tank farm, level weighing, batching, filling, dispensing and checkweighing applications. The unit can control up to 4 independent scales at one time, and acts as a bridge to a PLC since one port works with all four channels over a standard DeviceNet network or optional ControlNet, Allen-Bradley RI/O or Profibus Interface.
The HI 3030 Weight Controller includes Hardy Instruments’ various core technologies such as Secure Memory Module (SMM) and Waversaver, which eliminates vibration and provides a stable weight display.

Hardy Instruments
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Weighing kit

Muse Measurements Corporation introduced its universal high-purity weighing system (HPWS), the M1015HPWS. This weighing system can be installed on existing mixers, containers or tables to provide intrinsically safe, low maintenance scales for ultra-pure measurements up to 20,000 pounds. It mounts to existing equipment eliminating the need for an in-floor scale.

Its solid-state hermetically sealed design with a 300 percent overload rating makes it suitable for high-purity clean rooms.

Muse Measurements Corporation
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Fax: (909) 592-4228

Weigh belt feeder

K-Tron America’s new Smart Weigh Belt Feeder comes in both 300 and 600 mm belt widths and in open and closed frame versions. It features automatic and continuous online taring of the belt which reduces maintenance, line shutdowns and manual calibration.

According to K-Tron, its patented SFT weighing technology and new SmartConnex control technology improves the accuracy of the Smart Weigh Belt. It can be used in applications where loss-in-weight feeders were the only option.

K-Tron America
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Bench scales

The Eclipse 5000 Series is the latest offering from Fairbanks Scales for general-purpose weighing, checkweighing, manual batching or batch control. According to Fairbanks, the open flow design of these scales means less product build-up under the platform and makes for quick, thorough clean up. Commercial and non-commercial models are available with USDA, NTEP and Factory Mutual System approval.

Fairbanks Scales
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Pit Scale

Emery Winslow Scale Company introduced the Model 709 Pit Scale which uses hydrostatic load cells with a lifetime guarantee against water and electrical damage. The scale can be installed to match a sloped floor and the load cells can be flooded without harm. Available in many sizes and capacities, the scale comes with a full line of digital instrumentation.

Emery Winslow Scale Co.
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Floor scale pit

Mettler-Toledo Inc. has a new stainless steel floor scale pit. Its formed inner pan eliminates corners and crevices that are breeding grounds for bacteria and other contaminants, the manufacturer says. It is available in both 304 and 316L stainless steel.

Mettler-Toledo Inc.
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Bagging system

Parsons Scale Systems LLC has a new high-speed bagging system capable of producing packages up to 75 bags per minute. The system is designed for pre-made, flat bottom, side gusset, bags and consists of a Worldstar combination net weigher integrated with a Duplex “S” bag hanger and “BCX” closing conveyor. Worldstar II is a PC-based control system used to operate the complete line. Production reports and weight statistics data as well as networking options are available.

Parsons Scale Systems LLC
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Bulk containers

Mulox, Inc. has a new line of hygienic flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) for handling storage and transport of dry food products. The Mulox Cleanmaster comes with rolled seams and enclosed edges and is designed specifically to preserve food quality. The Mulox Spacemaster option provides up to 20 percent space than conventional bags. Many options are available to suit individual requirements including glued, loose or tabbed liners, a hygienic flap and more.

Mulox, Inc.
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Vessel cleaning

Delavan Spray Technologies introduced clean-in-place spray heads and nozzles for cleaning process/storage tanks/washing reactants from process vessels for further processing.

The nozzles are available in a range of angles and spray patterns so the spray system can sweep the interior of the entire vessel or just a selected area. Spray heads with 21 removable nozzles can be configured for 360/180 degrees down coverage.

Delavan Spray Technologies
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Programmable lab mixer

Admix, Inc.’s OPLB-300 is a bench-top high shear lab mixer designed for product development, simulation and scale up. With scale up parameters and indicators built into the PLC controls, it provides an accurate and repeatable method of scaling up from 1-2 liters to1000-plus gallons. The mixer displays such information as elapsed time, running speed (rpm), flow rate (gpm), tip speed (ft./sec.) and mixing intensity.

Admix, Inc.
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Beverage can end

Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc. introduced the SuperEnd, an enhanced beverage can end designed to reduce weight and aluminum use by 10 percent. It has been engineered for greater seam strength and buckle resistance and to maintain integrity throughout pasteurization, shipping and handling. An additional feature is the improved access to the easy pull-open tab.

Crown Cork & Seal Company
Tel. (215) 698-5100

Servo drive

Bosch Rexroth’s Electric Drives and Controls Division has added new ECODRIVE Cs Series and DKC 16 SERCOS servo drives in the 100-to 750-watt power range. These new drives use single-phase and three-phase supply systems with input voltages up to 230 volts AC.

The Rexroth DKC 16 servo drive, according to the manufacturer, provides the benefits of a larger high-power drive in an efficient, lower-cost design with high-power density and UL certification.

Bosch Rexroth Corporation
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Epoxy lining systems

Sauereisen introduced FibreCretes, fiber-reinforced, chemically-resistant, 100% solids, epoxy lining systems especially formulated to protect vulnerable concrete and steel from destructive processing chemicals in these environments.

Authorized for use by USDA in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, the FibreCrete systems interlocking fiber matrix contributes flexural and tensile strength while significantly reducing permeability.

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Crystallization tanks

Terlet offers its newly designed crystallization tanks for producing lactose. The unit’s bottom-driven agitator design with a special inner cylinder results in a 20 percent improvement in cooling power which ensures a higher lactose yield in the same processing time.

These tanks are suitable for processing concentrated whey with a dry material content of 65 percent without damage to crystals. Other advantages, Terlet says, include optimum mixing action, no damage to the crystals, even cooling and large uniform regular crystals.

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Shockswitch RFID

Shockwatch has a new full color spec sheet describing the benefits of its Shockswitch RFID wireless forklift impact monitor and management system. The description covers the unit’s key features that include controlling access to operators with authorized keys, programmable alarm, halt and lockout functions and logging impacts by date, time and driver.

The Shockswitch can help businesses comply with OSHA regulations by providing a real-time link between forklifts and management PCs to facilitate data collection.

Tel. (800) 527-9497 or (214) 630-9625
Fax (214) 638-4512

Software portal

SuiteVoyager 2.0 is a new software portal for the manufacturing automation industry from Wonderware. The portal’s Web accessible, low cost architecture provides the infrastructure to deliver information to a variety of users. It enables anyone within an organization to view information useful to them, understand what’s driving it and improve the way it is managed.

Tel. (949) 753-292, ext. 244

Micro label application option

Fox IV Technologies, Inc. announces its new Micro Label Application Option for its line of industrial Printer-Applicators. The Micro Label Application Option enables the printer-applicators to print and automatically apply very small labels.

Fox IV Technologies, Inc.
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Infeed conveyor

Roberts PolyPro Inc. has a new automatic loading system that can be connected directly into the production line to improve finishing efficiency. The Bull Nose Infeed Conveyor provides a continuous flow of carton stacks from an upstream conveying system to the prefeeder.

Features of the Roberts PolyPro Bull Nose Conveyor include a speed of up to 10 carton stacks per minute, variable speed drive that allows the conveyor to adjust to production line speed and more.

Roberts PolyPro Inc.
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Compact controller

Bosch Rexroth’s Electric Drives and Controls division’s new Ecodrive DKC 16 controller extends the series to the lower power range. The smaller, more compact design brings the benefits of a larger high power controller at a lower cost. Features of the Ecodrive DKC 16 controller include direct power connection, integrated bleeder resistor and electronic brake control. The DKC 16 uses interfaces based on international standards, including SERCOS, DeviceNet, Profibus, Interbus-S and CANopen.

Bosch Rexroth Corporation
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Cataloging tool

SEW-Eurodrive introduces PT Pilot, an interactive cataloging tool that helps select the power and features needed for specific applications for any machinery or machine system needing a drive. The PT Pilot includes the following resources: catalog search, drive system calculator, DriveCAD Software, CAD Image Library, technical documentation, drive formulas and coefficients and glossary of terms.

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