Measuring accuracy
The entire technology utilized in our devices is made by HEUFT. All modules of important functions are th result of our own intensive research and development for many years. This is a permanent guarantee for the optimum interaction between the functional components and the detection modules. The development of our new product line, HEUFT basic, is oriented to your real requirements. The four standard devices of the HEUFT basic product line is purposefully designed for the checking of full containers and the rejection of products identified to be defective from the stream of production. In addition, the standard devices can be extended with a great variety of options and thus be adapted to your particular requirements. Generally, the installation and commissioning of the devices will be carried out by well-trained HEUFT-service personnel.

HEUFT USA, Inc., 5157 Thatcher Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515-4029. Tel. (630) 968-9011; fax (630) 968-8767;

The Preferred solution for filling
The PMC line of WeightControl Fillers produces fills within ±1/2 percent of target weight at speeds ranging between 10 and 1,500 containers per minute. Rigid and semi-rigid containers ranging in size from 2 grams all the way up to 12 pounds can be filled. Products that are chunky, viscous or string as well as tough membrane products are filled quickly and accurately with the PMC WeightControl Fillers.

PMC Preferred Machining Corp., 3730 S. Kalamath St., Englewood, CO 80110. Tel. (303) 761-1535; fax (303) 789-9300; www.

Twelve-station machine
The Model 12M twelve-station machine operates at speeds up to 1800 cans per minute and is the first can seamer in the packaging industry to employ PC-based control software. This open architecture control eliminates a compatibility issue with controllers and the need for multi-brand controllers for customers worldwide. A PC-based control system is easy to understand, easy to program and easy to use with hardware and software costs significantly reduced. The all new 12M uses servo drive motion control for the timing of the cover separation unit. This modular design fosters quick changeover of cover feed parts while eliminating complicated mechanical drives. A servomotor also controls the elevation adjustment of the upper turret pin height and another servo drive is used to time and rotate the filler in relation to the seamer. PC Ethernet communication is available to monitor machine data and adjustment. The quickset seaming cam adjustment allows a fast and easy change within the tolerance of the specified seam thickness. When a processor converts from a different body component thickness such as transferring from steel to aluminum, the quickset adjustment is automatically made and the machine is ready to run production within five minutes. This is accomplished with one adjustment and without having to adjust the second operation seaming roll at each machine station, making it an efficient and cost effective production.

Angelus Sanitary Can Co., Los Angeles, CA. Tel. (323) 283-2171.

Can seamer
The Model UD-AL Dixie Double seamer has an updated safety system incorporating double hand switches that must be simultaneously depressed to active the seamer. The Air-lift system increases production to up to 20 cans per minute. Whether just requiring a hermetic double seam and seaming dome tops, this seamer can do it all. Perfect for R&D, laboratory, pilot plant and specialty canner and medium production applications. Requires 100-psi/5cfm compressed air and 115 VAC, 10 Amp electrical current to operate.

Dixie Canner Co., P.O. Box 1348, Athens, GA 30603-1348. Tel. (706) 549-1914; fax (706) 549-0137;

High-speed closing machines
Pneumatic Scale's Closetech HCM Series high-speed closing machines are engineered to accommodate a full range of lightweight cans and ends. The HCM Series promotes higher speeds, simplified setup and maintenance while delivering traditional Closetech durability.

Innovative technology employed by the HCM Series promotes faster speeds utilizing fewer seaming stations. This technology allows a 3-, 6- and 8-station machine to achieve speeds up to 450 CPM, 900 CPM and 1200 CPM, respectively, compared to competitive equipment which requires more seaming stations to achieve similar speeds. The unique design of the HCM Series results in an 18 percent improvement in actual seaming time over traditionally designed closers. Fewer seaming stations also promote reduced maintenance costs and tooling setup. The HCM Series delivers effective seaming and gentle can handling while lowering transfer shock and reducing spillage. Also, quick-change functionality enables height changeovers to be performed in less than 10 minutes. Cams constructed of hardened tool steel provide exceptional durability and maximize performance.

Pneumatic Scale Corp., 10 Ascot Pkwy, Cuyoga Falls, OH 44223. Tel. (330) 923-0491; fax (330) 923-5570;

High-speed slicer
Grote's High Speed Slicer is ideal for high speed, bulk-slicing applications, such as bacon production lines. Product capacity is adjustable up to 400 strokes per minute, per lane. Sliced product may be applied to oven belts or freezer belts. The High Speed is available in electric and hydraulic drive. The "IT" model offers individual thickness trays with individual thickness controls. Each tray can be manually adjusted to change the slice thickness range. The "IC" model offers an interval count system. This allows for variable group count and space between drafts. Product may be inserted continuously while the machine is in operation. Product is sliced by the disposable AccuBand blade and deposited onto the belt below. Grote's patented, high quality band blades produce optimal slice quality and product yields. Most functions of the High Speed Slicer can be controlled with the user-friendly touch screen. Functions such as stroke speed and blade start/stop can be adjusted in an instant with this easy to use touch screen.

Grote Co., 1160 Gahanna Pkwy., Blacklick, OH 43003. Tel. (614) 868-8414; fax (614)-863-1647;

New bushing system
Rockwell Automation introduces the DODGE QUANTIS reducer with twin-tapered bushings. This new bushing system option is available on both motorized shaft-mount and right-angle helical bevel products. When this exclusive feature was first introduced in the TORQUE-ARM speed reducer line over fifteen years ago, it revolutionized the shaft-mount reducer concept by assuring that the reducers would not seize to the customer's driven shaft. As on option on MSM and RHB products, this feature provides easy-on/easy-off mounting for all reducer sizes from fractional to 150 horsepower. A tapered bore in both sides of the reducer's output hub fits snugly against a matching taper on the outer surface of the bushing, giving the feature its name. The twin-tapered bushings provide reliable support on both sides of the reducer and deliver maximum torque and shock load capability while eliminating driven shaft damage and reducing wobble. In addition, the bushing system fits undersized shafts.

Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Ct., Greenville, SC 29615. Tel. (864) 281-2171; fax (864) 281-2433;

Custom vessels
Ross Engineering offers extensive custom vessel fabrication capabilities. The company manufactures standard and custom designs to over 70,000 gallons in carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium and other special alloys. Ross Engineering is an ASME code approved shop with over 60,000 sq.ft. plant on 300,000 sq. ft. of property and with 27 feed under hook. Ross specializes in API Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, and polished Sanitary Storage Tanks, Ross Engineering is a full service fabrication company utilizing up-to-date CAD systems, sophisticated quality control systems and state of the art machining.

Charles Ross and Son Co., PO Box 12308, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Tel: (800) 243-ROSS; fax (631) 234-0691;

Ambient and Chilled Air Cooling Units
FOODesign Machinery & Systems is now a licensed manufacturer of the Enersyst Development Corp. ambient and chilled air cooling units. The Cryo-Jet units offer substantial benefits for ambient and chilled air cooling requirements including faster cooling, energy conservation, shorter cooling conveyors and reduced floor space requirements. Cryo-Jets can be used for cooling bakery products, confectionery and cooked or fried food products. Applications include installing units between ovens/fryers and mechanical freezers. This allows the Cryo-Jets to remove sensible heat in turn allowing mechanical or blast freezers to operate longer between defrost cycles. In baker applications ambient Cryo-Jets can be used to cool cookies, breads, pastries and other products. FOODesign offers additional equipment for use with Cryo-Jets including conveyors, stands, mounting brackets and complete cooling systems.

FOODesign Machinery & Systems Inc., PMB 325, 16869 SW 65th Ave., Lake Oswego, OR 97035. Tel. (503) 685-5030; fax (503) 685-5034;

Storage conveyor
For short-term storage and responsive on-demand delivery of snacks and baked products, Heat and Control's new MinuteMan accumulation conveyor reduces product breakage and reduces cleaning costs. MinuteMan provides large storage capacity from a relatively small footprint. Reliable live-bottom belt design features a retractable overhead feed conveyor with no messy drive components over the product zone. Multiple photo eyes accurately position the feed conveyor to minimize product drops. The unique Synchronized Speed System coordinates fill and discharge rates to eliminate the "hunt and seek" delays common to other storage conveyors. Large doors provide unrestricted access to both sides of the conveyor, so MinuteMan takes only minutes to clean.

Heat and Control, 21121 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545. Tel. (510) 259-0500; fax (510) 259-0600;

Easy-open packaging film
Curwood, Inc. announced the reissuance of their U.S. Patent for innovations used in their 3-layer EZ Peel flexible packaging films. Curwood's EZ Peel flexible packaging film is widely used in many easy-open food packaging applications. The most common uses are in easy open zippers, snack kits, semi-rigid packaging for luncheon meats, string cheese, and single serve snacks and many other applications. The patent is on a 3-layer coextruded sealant that is designed for controlled delamination upon opening of the package. Unlike other systems, peel strength can be custom-tailored to meet specific customer requirements by simply increasing or reducing the amount of the inner ply. The film's peel strength is consistent and functions independent of various heat and dwell settings. This feature also prevents package lock-ups.

Curwood, Inc., P.O. Box 2968, Oshkosh, WI 54903-2968. Tel. (920) 303-7300; fax (920) 303-7309.

Powdered/Granular Packaging
Powdered items like baking mixes and detergents, to granular products like coffee and rice, are packaged by this new continuous motion Advantage CM bag machine with auger filler. Operating at speeds to 150 ppm, the compact line makes all package styles, including Triangle's new stand-up, four-corner 4Seal and transverse zipper bags, in vend to food -club sizes, running all machinable films. Advantage CM changeovers are fast with both forming tubes and jaws changed by had without tools, and belt drives that self-adjust. The machine comes with a five-year warranty on its continuous motion drive. Simplifying setup and operation, just one single-station Allen-Bradley SLC controller fully integrates both bag machine and auger.

Triangle Package Machinery Co., 6655 W. Diversey Ave., Chicago, IL 60707-2293. Tel. (773) 889-0200; fax (773) 889-4221;

Circulating heating system
Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers are up to 40 percent more efficient than anything being manufactured in the USA at the present time. They re-circulate the already heated air, and this allows for the most efficient operation of the dryer. The control system is the key that allows the re-circulation of the air. Without the intense programming developed, re-circulation could not be accomplished without major problems. The system monitors all aspects of the heating and cooling process, and keeps an eye on everything. The heart of the Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryer System is the controls and control panel. The PLC controlled system integrated the latest in instrumentation with the sturdy and well-engineered Fluid Bed Dryer. The Ventilex design incorporates the well-known "Plug Flow" product transport system. This Plug-Flow system gently lifts the product by cam motion, and deposits are a few mm at a time forward. Product retention times can be as high as 2 hours, and very little degradation will occur. In addition, spread retention time is kept at a minimum.

Ventilex USA, P.O. Box 717, Mason, OH 45040. Tel. (513) 398-8778; fax (513) 398-7780.

Continuous vertical conveyors
Clean, safe TKF stainless steel conveyors offer numerous cost-efficient benefits, including simple, low-maintenance design, a wide selection of standardized units from modular components, and fully automatic operation. The space-saving TKF Stainless Steel Continuous Vertical Conveyors, which cut floor space requirements by up to 90 percent, are perfect for operations where food, baking, dairy and meat products are being conveyed. All TKF Stainless Steel Continuous Vertical Conveyors are designed to accept a load horizontally, convey it vertically and discharge it horizontally.

TKF, Inc. 726 Mehring Way, Cincinnati, OH 45203. Tel. (513) 241-5910; fax (513) 651-2792;

Productivity Improvement System
Short Interval Measurement System (SIMS) employs software to analyze production floor data to determine downtime causes and throughput rates. Line operators use simple charts and codes to gather data, which is then quickly entered in the software. Reports showing the major causes of downtime and the impact on performance for each production line can be generated for any variable time period. Client companies report productivity gains of up to 40%. Economical set up costs and inexpensive monthly software fees make SIMS practical for any size company.

Short Interval Measurement System, PO Box 61594, Vancouver, WA. 98666. Tel. (503) 789-4013