Due to its excellent sensitivity range, use of microwave technology, and product design, the SFD-2 has superior application versatility. Typical applications include detection of flow stoppage caused by a plug or equipment failure. In addition, the SFD-2 is useful for verifying flow/no-flow conditions in pneumatic conveying lines. The ability to work with a wide variety of powder and bulk solids, ranging from heavy materials to light particles, is also evidence of the outstanding sensitivity range and applications versatility. The SFD-2 uses low-power microwaves to sense motion. Microwaves are used because they are virtually unaffected by heat, humidity, ambient light, pressure, vacuum, high or low temperatures, or dust and contains no probes that protrude into the chute or line. This ensures process integrity because probes or moving parts can wear out or break off in the material flow. The ability to sense through most non-metallic surfaces allows the SFD-2 to have a non-intrusive flush mounting. Monitor Technologies LLC, P.O. Box 8048, Elburn, IL 60119-8048. Tel. (800) 601-5953; fax (630) 365-5646; www.monitortech.com
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