This family of CPP coatings provide the two properties most desired during bag sealing operations: film/product release (non-stick) and hardness (for long part life). An added benefit of the CPP coating is its corrosion resistance that is necessary in corrosive packaging applications. This USDA-approved, FDA-compliant surface enhancement works equally well with polyethylene and polypropylene films. The CPP coating is uniformly applied to a tolerance of less than .0002 inches to ensure even deposition and provides a surface that will not chip, flake, or peel off. Variations of the CPP coating can be applied to a variey of parts and metals including stainless-steel, aluminum, brass and bronze. For instance, aluminum sealing jaws from a vertical form, fill, seal packaging machine were coated with CPP coating to increase their life and eliminate the need for Teflon tape. Southwest Endseals, Inc., 5730 Nunn St., Houston, TX. Tel. (713) 649-4852; fax (713) 649-8684;