The focus on food safety has not abated as processors continue to search for ways to assure that their products are safe for consumers. Citrus juice extractors, who only last July were made to become HAACP complient, have found ways to reduce pathogens in their product by five to seven logs without pasteurization. Their methods include scrubbing, culling, chemical washes and sprays.

Extractors made by FMC Corporation drain oranges without letting the juice come in contact with the peel. In tests conducted in a pilot study with the FDA, a 6.37 log reduction was achieved by Orchid Island Juice Company, Ft. Pierce, FL. using the FMC system. Orchid Island's John Martelli said "there were a number of scientists who said five-log reductions were unattainable without pasteurization." The new process has seen similar results with other manufacturers.