Are you tasked with the job of squeezing more efficiency out of your operations? In today's food and beverage processing environment, this is truly a rhetorical question. All along the supply chain, companies are being stretched to meet demands from customers for more information and customized services.

According to a new technology company called BeyondVia, significant revenue growth can be captured by those in the supply chain who are able to add value to their physical products-with better information and service-without overburdening employees and operations. BeyondVia works side-by-side with key managers in several functional areas within a supply chain to help them reach higher efficiencies and customer acceptance as measured by real-time performance compared to best practice.

"Our unique and proprietary decision tools accurately pinpoint what the function should do," says BeyondVia President Mark Grace, "and our advanced stewardship technologies check what has been done. An added benefit is the best approaches are rapidly spread throughout the organization and the supply chain using the same stewardship technologies."

According to Grace, BeyondVia balances the delicate real-time relationship between making the best decisions and managing the impact of subsequent actions on all processes in the supply chain. "BeyondVia transforms a physical products company into a value company directly linked with the supply chain on products, information and services," he states.

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