Ball Corporation has introduced what it claims is the first microwavable steel can. The Fusion-Tek microwavable steel can features a plastic end joined to a steel can body using Ball’s proprietary technology. According to Ball, this plastic end allows microwave energy to pass through the product inside the can, heating it quickly and evenly. Because the package heats from the inside out, the package walls are said to stay much cooler than those of plastic microwavable bowls even though the product inside is hot and ready to eat within two to three minutes.

The 307x306 Fusion-Tek can holds 15-oz. of product and is composed of steel can walls, an EZ Open end, a multilayer polypropylene plastic end, a plastic overwrap and an insulating foam label. The Fusion-Tek can is also said to offer consumers the same safety, durability and long shelf life as traditional steel cans. The can is also designed to run on existing steel can filling lines.

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