IPL Packaging provided Arla Foods with a tamper-evident, leakproof container for its feta cheese products that fit the style of filling machines already in use. Source: IPL Packaging.

Arla Foods, Canadian supplier of specialty cheese owned by Arla Foods amba (Denmark), wanted to upgrade the packaging on its feta cheese line and was searching for a tub that was tamper-evident and leakproof.

In the process, the company discovered IPL Packaging’s tamper-evident container line. It features containers of various shapes, including rectangular, round and square, which are space efficient for packaging, protecting and displaying a variety of food products. The rectangular and square shapes can provide up to 18 percent space savings over conventional containers.

The tamper-evident line features in-mold labeling technology, which allows images to be designed into a label, creating a high-quality graphic. The heart of the containers’ construction is the built-in “break-tab” security system that protects the integrity and freshness of the contents. According to IPL, the containers are food-approved and meet HACCP, FDA-USA and HPB regulations.

While the product Arla had been using did offer an airtight seal, the leakproof aspect proved to be a more critical feature.

“When you put a membrane on top of the tub, you’re creating an airtight seal, making it impossible for any air to penetrate,” says Nancy Strauss, Arla Foods’ trade marketing manager. “These products are packaged in brine, and because of that, a product that was leakproof was more critical than one with an airtight seal.”

The switch was not made without considering other alternatives. “We also looked at membrane-style packages similar to what we were already using,” says Strauss. “But, none of the competitors’ packaging was tamper-evident or had the leakproof design that the IPL package did. Additionally, the IPL container fit the style of the filling machine we already had.”

After a quality and cost analysis, Arla decided to use IPL for its Dofo brand. Following this success, the processor was convinced to use the containers for its Mediterra brand and Tre Stell lines.

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