Designed to convey a range of dry solids, including products requiring sanitary handling, Cyclonaire’s FlexFlite flexible screw conveyors use steel augers and flexible tubes up to 100 ft. long to move materials at rates up to 3,600 lbs./hr. Readily portable and suitable for conveying product from bags, bins, hoppers or weigh stations, the conveyors have a fully enclosed construction for contamination-free operation. A coreless spiral auger minimizes clogging and has an oval cross-section for positive movement of material through the delivery tube. The in-line, geared electric motor rotates the spiral and can be set at speeds suited to the density of conveyed materials, angle of inclination and distance and rate of transfer. Sanitary-grade models have stainless steel spirals, head housings and in-feed adapters, along with UHMW polyethylene tubing.

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