Vortec’s UL-listed 5,000 BTUH Vortex A/C cooling system for electrical enclosures requires only a compressed air supply to operate, installs easily on electrical control panels to maintain enclosure temperatures from 80º to 90ºF and provides below-ambient cooling in environments up to 175ºF. It features dual vortex tube cooling units, each with its own mechanical thermostat to provide 2-stage levels of refrigeration. The first stage offers 2,500 BTUH cooling capacity and, if needed, a second stage activates to double the supply of refrigerated air to the enclosure. Refrigerated air entering the cabinet provides a light positive purge to seal out contaminants while hot air is expelled through a relief valve. Suitable for NEMA Type 4- and 4X-rated electrical cabinets, the system can be mounted on the top or side of the enclosure.

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