At the recent Automation Fair held in Nashville, TN, Rockwell Automation Chairman and CEO Keith Nosbusch said, “Companies need to increase the performance, innovation and sustainability of their enterprises to remain competitive.” Nosbusch and executives from world-leading brands and industry organizations had further comments about manufacturing.

They described the business drivers for manufacturing convergence, how it affects manufacturing operations and customers, and how cross-organization cultural challenges are being addressed and resolved. “We’re in a new era of manufacturing and production,” said Nosbusch. He said suppliers like Rockwell Automation must continue to invest in new technologies and applications and form alliances with other technology leaders to help bring together information technology and manufacturing practices for customers which improve business efficiencies, agility and competitive advantage.

Rockwell customers shared how sustainable production supports their key corporate objectives, including improving energy conservation and efficiency; assuring environmental responsibility and resource management; and providing increased safety for workers, machinery and products.

North American and Asian manufacturing and engineering experts offered solutions to the global talent shortage of engineers, manufacturing and technical workers.

The founder of India’s telecommunications industry explained how India differentiates itself in the global economy by using technology, engineering and technical talent to grow its emerging high-technology manufacturing sector.