This software can link consumers and farmers.

FoodLogiQ, provider of on-demand food safety and traceability software, launched a free version of a software as a service (SaaS ) application for growers, produce buyers and consumers. The software solution is aimed at making farm-to-fork traceability achievable for family-operated farms and larger grower/packer/shipper operations.

The software can deliver complete supply chain traceability information directly to the consumer’s mobile device. The baseline version of the application is free to all food chain participants-grower, produce supplier and consumer.

The ready-to-use, hosted software application enables growers to comply with the produce traceability initiative requirements while marketing their business directly to produce buyers, to connect with consumers directly about their food and to meet industry and government labeling requirements around traceability and country of origin.

For more information, visit FoodLogiQ’s Web site.