Healthier eating trends are sometimes cited for declining sales of carbonated soft drinks, but at least one juice maker believes the key to increased sales requires effervescence.

Ocean Spray debuted its first carbonated juice drinks in February with a sample giveaway to its Facebook fans. Source: Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.

Lakeville-Middleboro, MA-based Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. is rolling out four new sparkling juice drinks, the first carbonated blends in its history, according to a company spokesman. The products, which launched in February with a sample giveaway and couponing to Facebook fans, are 70 percent juice and 30 percent carbonated water.

The four varieties-regular and diet versions of cranberry and pomegranate blueberry-are packaged in 8.4-oz. cans, a choice dictated by the desire to offer the blends in a single-serve container, the company says. Most of Ocean Spray’s juices are filled in 64-oz. PET containers. The cans are sold in four-packs, with a $3.79 suggested retail price.

“We hope to provide the right mix of the bubbly refreshment consumers crave with the tasty goodness of Ocean Spray juices,” states Marketing Vice President Larry Martin.