The Digitron 8146 digital thermometer provides nearly instant temperature readings while withstanding damage when inserted into product. Source: Digitron, David Baird.

This IP67-rated thermometer survives harsh cleaning and withstands rough handling

Nottingham-based Pork Farms is a large-scale producer and distributor of pork-based bakery products which are sold across the United Kingdom. The company produces 1.8 million baked goods each week and more than 25 million packs of pork pies annually.

Food safety management for any producer is of the utmost importance, and Pork Farms is making use of state-of-the-art temperature probes, which have been developed specifically for a food production environment.

“Temperature monitoring is critical for our business as it has to be exactly right at all stages of production to avoid any problems with the product,” says Ellen Winters, Pork Farms assistant technical manager. “The system we used before was prone to faults as the thermometers regularly cracked and needed to be replaced. We have been [testing] the new Digitron 8146 temperature probe, and it has proved to be far more effective and hard-wearing.”

Winters has seen the benefits of the system, which has helped her team monitor conditions at the company’s storage facilities in the East Midlands.

“We check our temperature readings every day, and all of our storage units now use the system. The unit’s removable protective covering, the boot, is particularly useful and can be easily cleaned when necessary,” says Winters.

With a practical ergonomic design, the 8146 temperature probe comes complete with SteriTouch antimicrobial casing. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for use in kitchens, labs and food manufacturing plants. The thermometer has ultrasonically welded seams and is waterproof to an IP67 protection rating with a Lumberg connector, making it easy to clean with flush surfaces to minimize food traps.

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