As manufacturers increase connectivity between plant floor and enterprise systems to boost productivity and reduce time to market, this interconnectivity can also
Securing EtherNet Networks
Securing Ethernet/IP Networks is a free document that provides a starting point in thinking about cyber-security. Source: ODVA.

bring undesirable security risks. ODVA (Open Device-Net Vendors Association) released a document that provides guidelines on how to minimize these risks. Entitled Securing EtherNet/IP Networks, the 22-page document discusses cyber-security recommendations for automation networks, including how to determine and deploy security strategies for various network types. The document is freely available for downloading.
In the guidelines, ODVA outlines key security concerns in industrial automation and provides guidance and resources for process changes to mitigate risk, including information on:

  • Risk analysis
  • Collaboration between IT and industrial departments
  • Best practices for different types of industrial networks
  • Emerging industrial security technologies.

“In the past, manufacturers were able to secure industrial control systems simply by controlling physical access to their automation components,” says Katherine Voss, executive director, ODVA. “Today’s demand for increased productivity requires interconnectivity through industrial Ethernet—most often EtherNet/IP, as it provides unprecedented visibility into real-time machine and supervisory systems. As many businesses are concerned about the security risks that come from a free flow of information, ODVA outlines how to manage risks with the implementation of processes and technology.”

ODVA recognizes the complexity manufacturers face when trying to identify and contain security issues in their businesses, and does not attempt to provide an exhaustive list of security risks, precautions or mitigation steps. Rather, this document aims to provide users with a starting point for thinking about what cyber-security means for industrial networks and what a security strategy looks like, in addition to directing readers to additional resources and information.

Download Securing EtherNet/IP Networks