PM motorA session at the recent ARC Advisory Group 2012 World Industry Forum offered insight into the latest technologies and strategies used by manufacturers and other industrial organizations to improve electrical energy metrics. Machine designers now look at energy usage in, for example, a packaging machine and apply a holistic approach to curb energy usage.

Holistic energy-efficiency strategies evaluate the potential energy savings in the upstream and downstream processes affected by investments in capital equipment. The latest trend is to look at the long-term ROI of machinery based on electrical power consumption, productivity improvements and impact on infrastructure. This drives manufacturers and machine builders to consider alternative technologies once considered cost prohibitive. Key findings regarding the selection of motors for machinery to save energy include:

• Performing an ROI analysis that factors in energy costs is a key first step.

• Replacing induction motors with permanent magnet motors can often reap significant energy savings.

• A mechatronic design approach in machine design can eliminate mechanical inefficiencies and yield further energy savings.

The report looks at specific applications where energy can be saved in selecting the right motor and offers recommended actions. The report, Machine Design and Retrofits Reduce Energy Consumption with Ideal Motor Selection, is free to ARC Advisory Group members. The report was written by Sal Spada and Himanshu Shah.