laboratory mixer charles ross son companyThe Ross HSM-100LCI-T multi-purpose bench-top laboratory mixer comes with interchangeable mixing attachments including batch and inline rotor/stator sets, disperser blades and propellers. Capable of multiple mixing tasks including powder wet-out and dispersion, deagglomeration/particle size reduction, solubilization, emulsification and homogenization, the unit’s features include type 316 stainless steel wetted parts polished to 150-grit finish; a 1hp drive, 115 volt, 50/60 Hz, single-phase, 20 amp motor; variable speed control from 500 - 10,000rpm (+/- 1% accuracy); electronic push-button lift; color touch screen controls and display for speed, percent of load, batch timer and temperature; and dust- and fluid spray-resistant enclosure. A temperature probe, vessel/beaker clamp assembly, vacuum cover and mix vessel and data acquisition/PC control are available as options.

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