WAGO PROFINET 750 Series I/O Fieldbus couplers operate as I/O devices in the PROFINET network, identifying connected I/O modules and creating local process images for 1 or more controllers. The device ID can be assigned via DCP protocol or set via DIP switch. The 750-375 Standard coupler supports up to 250 I/O modules, 2 I/O controllers and 1 I/O supervisor; it supplies 1,700mA of internal power and 1,024 byte input/output process images. The 750-377 ECOnomy version supports up to 64 I/O modules, 1 I/O controller and 1 I/O supervisor, and supplies 700mA of internal power and 256 byte input/output process images. Both models include a built-in Ethernet switch, flexible I/O platform and available connection to 400+ I/O modules.

 WAGO; 800-DIN-RAIL; www.wago.us