Butter sculptures, created in three designs by Kellerâ??s Creamery

Butter sculptures, created in three designs by Keller’s Creamery for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, now come in new plastic packaging that improves product definition and structural support. Source: DFA.

Butter sculptures, holiday-themed products manufactured by Keller’s Creamery, which is owned by the Dairy Farmers of America, are now being offered in a new, advanced packaging design.

Keller’s Creamery has produced seasonal sculptures, rendered in four ounces of butter, since 1958. The first butter sculpture was shaped in the form of a lamb in observance of the Easter holiday. The butter was sculpted using a wooden hand-pressed mold, then packaged into a container that supplied structural support, but only to the base of the butter, not the entire sculpture, says Ashley Campbell, senior associate brand manager at Keller’s Creamery. The creamery also offers a butter sculpture in the shape of a turkey for Thanksgiving and a Christmas tree for the winter holiday.

This past December, the creamery began offering the Christmas tree butter sculpture utilizing new packaging that, according to Campbell, promises to provide a more detailed sculpture design and additional durability for the product.

The packaging includes a molded plastic casing with easy-to-open tabs that provide convenient access to the butter. The process of pouring the butter directly into the plastic rather than molding it, as was previously done, allows the creation of greater detail to key features of the sculptures, such as the branches of the Christmas tree and the feathers on the turkey.

The plastic packaging now encases the entire sculpture, not only providing the butter with additional support and bringing higher definition to the product, but also decreasing its manufacturing time. All three butter sculpture designs will be available with the new packaging this year. 

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